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.TR Domain Registration

Register a corporate and unique domain name with .tr extension with the most affordable price advantage. Be one step ahead of your competitors.
$4.00 /yr ₺133.89 /yr
  • Best price
  • Document required
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$5.00 /yr ₺167.36 /yr
  • Best price
  • Document required
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$5.00 /yr ₺167.36 /yr
  • Best price
  • Document required
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$5.00 /yr ₺167.36 /yr
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  • Does not require documentation
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.TR Domain Names

With our advanced infrastructure, registration, transfer and renewal processes of all your .TR domain names we can do it with confidence, we have our high quality services in more economical conditions than our competitors. you can be.

Meet .TR Extensions

A more successful step into the internet environment with the .TR (Turkey) domain name extensions you will choose. you can throw. .TR domain name to reach millions of people with your idea or brand It's easy to get started with extensions.

With Hostixo, you can share your project, idea or You can instantly query a domain name that expresses a domain name with 20+ .TR extensions and In this way, you can easily create your brand and reach your target audience. you can reach faster.

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There is no room for high pricing and surprise additional fees when renewing your domain name at Hostixo. At the time of renewal of the domain names you have registered with our Domain Name Campaigns, You can renew our list prices.

We do not make any restrictions while managing your domain name. We leave all the management under your control.

Moreover, you can publish your website instantly with our affordable hosting packages. you can enjoy right away.

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An important step for personal branding in the digital world where branding is important, domain names, by making you visible on the internet, thanks to their official visibility, business and social It will be a source of prestige for your environment.

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com $16.99 ₺568.69 /yr $11.99 ₺401.33 /yr
net $20.99 ₺702.58 /yr $15.99 ₺535.22 /yr
org $20.99 ₺702.58 /yr $15.99 ₺535.22 /yr
comtr $14 ₺468.61 /yr $4.00 ₺133.89 /yr
.TR Domain Registration with Extension

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have about our .TR Domain Name Registration service
What is a domain name ( domain ) ?
Domain Name with its name in our language; means the name of a website on the internet. Zorlu IP address is the name of the site consisting of fixed and meaning words used instead of numbering.
What is Turkey .TR Extension?
Provided and approved by the Middle East Technical University since 1991, domain names with the .TR extension are important on the developing internet. Documented and undocumented domain names consist of more than 20 extensions. The most preferred extensions are, and
How can I register a domain with a .TR extension?
As per the rules for domain registration with .TR extension, domain names with .TR extension are registered as documented and undocumented. The official documents to be forwarded for certified domain names differ depending on the extension you want to get.
Why do I need to buy a domain with Com.TR extension? domain name registration is a domain name purchased by going through certain processes and submitting some documents. Therefore, it is a reputable domain extension. After registering this domain name, it states that your company or brand has a corporate structure in the Republic of Turkey. In the e-commerce environment, you provide confidence to your customers or users in areas such as banking.
Do you need a document for
No documents are required for It can be purchased with your Republic of Turkey ID number.
EN When will my domain be active?
TR domain names that require documents are active between 24-72 hours when the documents are submitted in full. Domain names that do not require documents are instantly active.
Which domains require documents?
Some domains with the TR extension are registered with a document. Documentation is required for domain names with , .net , , and extensions.
What are the undocumented domain names?
No documents are required to register some domain names with the TR extension.,,,, and No paperwork is required for extensions.
Can whois information be hidden in .TR domain names?
The rules for domain registrations with .TR extension are different than other global domains. If the domain name is registered by the individual, whois information can be hidden. However, whois information cannot be hidden in the domain names registered for the company.
How can I send the documents to you?
You can send us the documents required for domain name registration via the address [email protected] or by creating a support request through your customer panel.
My contact information appears in inquiries, can I turn it off?
Of course ; Whois hiding of domain names registered with our company is completely free. When you buy it, or after you buy it. You can activate whois protection on your panel.
EN How many years can I register my domain name?
Since domain names with .TR extension are different from other global domain names, they can be registered for a maximum of 5 years.
When will the .TR domain name expire?
The deletion period for domain names with .TR extension is 90 days from the domain expiry date. This period may vary.
What happens if I don't renew my domain name?
After the expiration date of your domain name, it enters the renewal and recovery period respectively. During this time, you will not be able to access your website. If you do not renew/recover your domain name during these periods, your right on the domain name will be lost and your domain name may be registered by third parties.

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Terms of Service and Use

User Agreement for all our packages and With General Terms of Use together with the following terms of use apply.

    Arranging the publications on the internet no.
  • 5651 and fighting the crimes committed through these publications Domains that do not comply with the law are not registered / transferred.
  • Domain Registration / Renewal / Transfer operations are irreversible operations. Fees cannot be refunded.
  • Hostixo reserves the right to make changes in the campaigns.
  • Domain name may be suspended in case the personal information requested in the registration process is missing.

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