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Rapid SSL Certificates

Get higher in Google for your e-commerce, news site, portal and corporate sites at an affordable price, Get top-level security!

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Basic Features

SSL certificates we provide for our valued customers at competitive prices most basic features.

Strong Encryption

With 128/256 Bit encryption feature, all transactions made through your site are hidden from evil eyes.
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100% Compatibility

Our SSL Certificates are 100% compatible with all modern browsers, both desktop and mobile.
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Free Installation

The SSL certificates you order are installed on your site free of charge by our technical team.
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Rapid Wildcard

What is SSL Certificate?

Wilcard SSL certificates are your main domain name and numerous subdomain addresses of your website. protected by a certificate. For example, , in the form of Therefore, before the Wilcard SSL certificate is created, It should be created as *

The only feature that distinguishes it from other certificates is the subdomain. It also protects your names.

Call us +90 (850) 441 51 67 send a message [email protected]

Let's determine your needs together with our customer advisors and decide on the most suitable solution for you! Contact Us
Rapid SSL Sertifikası

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions you may have about our Rapid SSL Certificate service
What is SSL Certificate?
SSL is a security protocol developed by Netscape to provide security and privacy during information transfer over the network. SSL ensures that the sent information can be deciphered absolutely and only at the correct address. Information is automatically encrypted before it is sent and can only be decrypted by the right recipient. The confidentiality and integrity of the transaction and information is protected by verification on both sides.
How to buy SSL Certificate?
Before purchasing an SSL certificate, you must create a CSR code from your hosting control panel and share this code with us at the order step or later. If you have a hosting account in our company, you only need to create an order. Since the installation will be done free of charge by us, the CSR will be created by us.
Is it compatible with all banks and payment methods?
All certificates we provide are accepted by banks and work in harmony with payment methods.
What is the difference between SSL Certificates?
Technically, the certificates are the same as each other. Warranty insurance amounts and installation times for SSL certificates vary.
Is it compatible with all browsers?
Our SSL certificate service supports all known popular mobile or desktop browsers.
Does it have an effect on the search engine side?
Security is an important criterion for search engines and ssl certificate is very effective. Websites that do not have an SSL certificate are not ranked by search engines. In addition, the updates released by the browsers and the websites that do not have an ssl certificate appear as "not secure". In this case, it is negatively received by the visitors.
What is the warranty insurance amount?
It is the amount that the SSL company guarantees to pay the user for technical failures or security problems that may arise from the certificate. These amounts vary according to the types of certificates.
When will the SSL certificate be ready?
After all the confirmations have taken place, the transactions take about 10 to 30 minutes. For SSL Certificates that require a document, this process can take between 1 and 30 days.
Do I have to buy hosting from you for SSL certificate?
No, you can buy an SSL certificate from our company for your hosting account in a different company.
How about free installation support?
We offer free installation support for all hosting packages in our company. Free installation support is offered if you have a compatible control panel, namely cpanel, plesk, directadmin, for hosting packages in different companies.
What type of ssl should I get for the main domain only?
You can buy all standard ssl certificates including your main domain name.
What type of ssl certificate is required for all subdomains?
You must purchase the Wildcard SSL certificate type for all subdomains and the main domain.
Do you need documents for SSL Certificate?
Documentation is not required for standard ssl certificates. Documentation is required for Premium SSL Certificates such as EV and OV SSL. It is mentioned in the package list.

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Terms of Service and Use

User Agreement for all our packages and With General Terms of Use together with the following terms of use apply.

Things to Consider When Purchasing an SSL Certificate
  • For the SSL Certificate to work properly, Static IP may be required. Our company is not responsible for the problems that may arise due to this.
  • Our company is not responsible for the problems that may occur during the approval phase of SSL Certificates.
  • Our company is not responsible for the problems that may occur in the documents transmitted in the certificates that require documents.
  • For free installation support, frequently used cPanel, Plesk style panels are supported. Support may not be provided for specially configured servers. Our company is not responsible for the problems that may occur at this stage.
  • It is not possible to change the SSL Certificate with a different domain name.
  • SSL Certificate purchasing is an irreversible process. SSL certificates are not refundable.

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