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Hostixo Internet Bil. Write. Speed. Trade and Industry Limited Company Domain Service Agreement. Every customer registered in the system is deemed to have accepted this agreement.

Domain Registration and Transfer Agreement, Omer HalisDemir University Campus Technopark Building Floor: 2 No: 216 Niğde HOSTIXO BİLİŞİM LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ (hereinafter HOSTIXO.COM will be referred to as the HOSTIXO.COM website under the control of The natural or legal person who purchases products and services through the address (hereinafter: hereinafter referred to as CUSTOMER), the details of which are given below. conditions have been accepted.

2.1 your electronic confirmation, that you have read the contract and that it is included in the contract means that you accept and agree to all terms and conditions.
2.2 disputes within the framework of the explanations detailed in the contract. will be resolved. In case the CUSTOMER violates the specified conditions HOSTIXO.COM may confiscate the relevant accounts or provide services for a limited or indefinite period.
2.3 This agreement is between HOSTIXO.COM and CUSTOMER takes effect after the approval of the CUSTOMER. This contract Domain registration provided or to be provided by HOSTIXO.COM to CUSTOMER and transfer rules, general service conditions.

3.1 CUSTOMER and HOSTIXO.COM, allocation It is accepted that any authority related to the domain name is CUSTOMER.
3.2 Domain service has been acquired by a legal entity case, the company's authorized signatory is deemed to be authorized with the domain.
3.4 CUSTOMER, whether HOSTIXO.COM's or Authorized All rules that the Registrar has set or will change later accepts. ICANN or designated by ICANN as the Registrar when necessary in order to comply with the rules and policies set by the organizations Changes to this agreement may be required by HOSTIXO.COM. CUSTOMER acknowledges that these changes can be made.
3.5 The service is not considered complete until the domain is registered. Record for reserved, premium domains that require documentation HOSTIXO.COM processes an unconditional return and cancels the order.

Services offered for sale by HOSTIXO.COM, If requested by the CUSTOMER, CUSTOMER agrees to make the payment. Payment is made by CUSTOMER to HOSTIXO.COM It is made with any of the payment methods determined by the company. Payment methods determined by HOSTIXO.COM; online with credit card Payment is via Paypal payment system, bank transfer or eft payment. Service fees may be determined in Turkish Lira or American dollars. However, all payments are in Turkish Lira based on the current exchange rate at the order stages. converted and the payment is made in Turkish Lira. Buy domain registration service received, HOSTIXO.COM the entire price of the service provided or even if the payment is not collected, or if the payment is If the payment is returned as a result of an objection made later, HOSTIXO.COM may apply to all kinds of legal sanctions for the collection of the payment. Moreover services of the CUSTOMER, temporarily or permanently, when necessary. can stop. The service is performed by a different person or institution and this In case the person or institution claims to be the original owner of the service, the domain name transferred to the person making the payment. However, installed by CUSTOMER The content is not transferred. Only service transfer is performed.

Domain registrations at CUSTOMER preference It is registered for a period of 1-10 years according to the CUSTOMER wishes Otherwise, the time may be extended. Time extension via control panel It is realized when the CUSTOMER makes the payment by placing the order. HOSTIXO.COM is responsible for making or following the domain renewal process is not. HOSTIXO.COM, CUSTOMER declared during registration sends warning e-mails to your e-mail address by e-mail. However, these emails HOSTIXO.COM in case it is not noticed or reached by the CUSTOMER has no obligation. CUSTOMER by following the domain expiry date

If for any reason the domain renewal fee cannot be collected from the CUSTOMER, HOSTIXO.COM The domain registered by will be out of use at the end of the period. Use the excluded domain is requested by the CUSTOMER within 30 days. It can be renewed and active by extending the period. However, after 30 days, the domain It enters the Redemption Period process. CUSTOMER in this process domain name costs are added by adding the costs requested by ICANN. is collected. At the end of the Redemption Period, the domain enters the cancellation process. This No renewal can be made during the process. At the end of the process, the domain It will be available for purchase by everyone again.

CUSTOMER, HOSTIXO.COM This agreement is valid as long as the domain registration process is made through the website. ICANN for 60 days from the domain registration and renewal process in accordance with the rules The domain cannot be transferred to another company. HOSTIXO.COM necessary laws and from time to time in this contract in line with international domain rules. can make changes. CUSTOMER, these changes and shall be deemed to have accepted the updates. CUSTOMER hereby unilaterally that he/she will not be able to get any refund if he/she wishes to terminate deemed to have accepted.

CUSTOMER, keep the information provided as part of the services received accurate and up-to-date has to. In case of changes in any information, HOSTIXO.COM side has to make changes. whatever the reason CUSTOMER In case the information given to HOSTIXO.COM is not correct the contract is deemed to have been breached. In addition, in doubtful cases HOSTIXO.COM, It has the right to request updated information from the CUSTOMER. Failure to provide this information HOSTIXO.COM has the authority to stop and cancel the services provided. has. CUSTOMER contact information given during domain registration agree to be seen on the Internet within the framework of the rules of the registry operators. it does. Because of this information seen by everyone on the Internet, the CUSTOMER, HOSTIXO.COM cannot be held responsible.

Below are the details for each domain registered by the

CUSTOMER In accordance with the international domain policies of the information provided, whois located on its services so that everyone can see it. 3. on the Internet. As a result of inquiries, individuals can access this information and commercially use this information. It is deemed to be accepted by the CUSTOMER that the information can be used.

  • Domain
  • Name Surname
  • Email Address
  • Mail Address
  • Name server server information
  • Domain registration date
  • Domain expiration date

CUSTOMER, HOSTIXO.COM "Dispute", which is organized by the international domain rules It is deemed to have accepted the "Resolution Policy". HOSTIXO.COM may change the rules. CUSTOMER, solution while receiving service HOSTIXO.COM periodically in order to examine the changes made in the rules. accepts that it is necessary to read the agreements on the site. CUSTOMER, this If he/she wants to cancel the domain registration due to changes, a refund cannot be made

CUSTOMER can transfer any domain to another to a person via the HOSTIXO.COM site or CUSTOMER can transfer. After the transfer has taken place, the domain cannot be taken back or operation cannot be interfered with. CUSTOMER bears all risks before the transfer After investigating and making sure, it performs the transfer process. The post-transition HOSTIXO.COM cannot be held responsible for disputes. domain another domain can only be transferred to the registrar via the transfer code. another domain After being transferred to a company, HOSTIXO.COM is on the relevant domain. does not have any responsibility.

CUSTOMER, HOSTIXO.COM It accepts all the rules determined by the registrar or the authorized registry operator. In case of non-compliance with the rules specified in the contracts, HOSTIXO.COM has the right to stop, suspend or cancel the service.

HOSTIXO.COM Any domain sold by cannot be canceled in any way. No changes can be made to the domain name. none No refund can be made in any way.

The CUSTOMER receiving the domain service is in line with the following purposes accepts and undertakes not to use it or not to make others use it.

12.1 HOSTIXO.COM Performing high-volume or repetitive transactions to the services provided by (like domain query)
12.2 Mail bombardment destination address, packet such as disrupting, internet packet flooding.
12.3 Servers illegally logging in, exploiting security vulnerabilities, or logging in
12.4 Slander, damage, damage to any person or institution, threats, harassment and similar legal offenses.
12.5 5651 crimes defined in the law no.
12.6 Terrorism and hate crimes, child pornography content or links to such content.
12.7 Attempts to impersonate a different person.
12.8 General immoral content

HOSTIXO.COM in such cases, stop, cancel the domain service. may take any precaution. Domain price due to contract violation no refunds are made.


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